Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Want The Burn Of A Relaxer Check This Out!

Last week I had a discussion with a potential client. Like I always do I asked her to tell me about her hair, and what state its in from her prospective. She was quite honest in saying she really didn't take care of her hair and dreaded a perm because her scalp was so fragile. She went on to saying she hardly permed her hair because she would 10 times out of 10 be screaming in her beauticians chair. Aside from issue 1 her complaints were dry itchy scalp, tenderness, and dry brittle hair. So I went on a product hunt!! There are many gentle relaxers, but in my personal opinion I think relaxers aren't for every ethic woman no matter how coarse the hair. Some scalps just cannot take it. Upon my research I feel into this wonderful product called Diva Smooth. I have heard buzzing about this product through the hair care world for a little while but never gave it a real hard look. But this product is phenomenal, it is an all natural relaxer... I REPEAT ALL NATURAL RELAXER NO CHEMICAL PROCESSING WHAT SO EVER! The product is a bit pricey at 25 dollars a bottle.. which depending on the size of your head is a one time application. They have many other products that compliment the straightener, and my advice get it all! THIS PRODUCT ALLOWS YOU TO LOVE ...THY.. HAIR. It has been a while since a product has gotten me this excited! Check out the site where this product can be purchased. Please copy and paste into your browser my link applicator is acting up!

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