Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Extention Alternative

Many of women of color either use the sew in or glue in method of weaving. These styles last long but don't offer much versatility. So let me give you a little info about the hair clip game. Hair clips can be bought at any beauty supply store,or hair factory. These clips look dainty but are quite secure so you won't have to worry about having your tracks fall out. Noting saying you should go have a pull party now! But these clips are great for temporary looks, for newly processed hair ( because it isn't in the best interest of your hair to braid directly after a perm), and to preserve your weave! When using clips you can care for your natural hair at night and be a long haired diva in the morning and feel confident about the hair under it all. With clip the world is your oyster.Women of all hair colors and textures can use clips. So ladies get creative and LOVE THY HAIR!

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