Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recssion Special Weave!

For my birthday last month I wanted a temporary style to last me about two weeks, but I wanted the hair long. I truly didn't want to spend over $100.00 to buy hair so I walked into the store and asked the clerk " hey what's the best cheap brand of hair you have?", she hesitated bypassing the Remy, and all the regularly priced hair went wayyyy behind the counter into no mans land and handed me a pack of Kima by Harlem125 hair. Just off of looks I knew this hair was going to be a great buy. I ran my fingers through it and I DIED! It is very soft and it doesn't have a synthetic look to it at all!! I used the hair and its is still manageable as ever. I am going on week five with it. This hair is safe to wash and doesn't tangle at all. For a pack of 16 inch hair I paid $22.50. I assure you I will be purchasing this hair again at 18 inches which is a mere $27.50 .. I say Oh Yes To This Tress!!

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