Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Rat Tail Comb ...

Many women of color use a "Rat Tail Comb" to untangle or comb through their hair. But what we are actually doing is breaking off multiple strands of hair with each stroke. This applies to relaxed hair too. But hair in its unprocessed natural form should never see a rat tail comb, because our natural hair has such a tight coil, that the coil get stuck in the combs teeth and snaps off as we run the comb through our hair. Big wide tooth combs are the move. I do stress the use of bigger combs to ladies that perm, because your hair is already in a fragile state and you shouldn't put anymore stress on it especially if you need a touch up. But sister girl if you want to be rough and tough with your afro puff pick up a wide tooth comb. *** After I put the rat tail comb on blast I must say that they are good for parting and styling hair once it is detangled!***

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