Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tyra Mail!

Dear Tyra,
I have a few questions for you. Why must you chemically alter some of these girls to their extreme for the sake of fashion? Don't you think you'd be making more of a statement if you didn't strip some of these girls of their healthy hair? Every season someone goes "ICE BLOND" is that really necessary? But I guess after all those years of modeling you still have that kill the competition mentality and secretly want these ladies to go bald.

Almost all the girls who Tyra has dyed blond have gone back to their original color. Hair bleaching even on the strongest of hair is just a bad idea unless your hair is blond itself (even then I wouldn't suggest it). Just think of it like this, what happens if you put too much bleach on a dark colored shirt? Eventually the bleached area will develop a hole. Bleaching totally strips your hair down to its weakest state. Bleach works best on natural unprocessed hair, if you intend on not using heat products, staying out of the sun, and not going swimming in salt or chlorine water go for it. **Bleach actually works better for maintained short styles, because the fried hair is cut off on consistent basis.

So the lesson is if you don't have a short style beware of the bleach and ladies always... Love Thy Hair.

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