Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hair Crime!

I swear I thought it wasn't possible but I have to charge Rihanna with... A HAIR CRIME. WTF is this?? Excuse my french but RiRi you're breaking my heart. This should teach you ladies that less is more. Rihanna first sported a small blond track in the front of her doo which was fine, but then she went track crazy! The contrast of her black hair and the tracks don't blend in at all hence leaving her with a tacky style. I would hate to blame this on her stylist.. I think RiRi had some left over track and tried to play hair dresser. Sweetie you're a performer, not a beautician lets keep it that way.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Extention Alternative

Many of women of color either use the sew in or glue in method of weaving. These styles last long but don't offer much versatility. So let me give you a little info about the hair clip game. Hair clips can be bought at any beauty supply store,or hair factory. These clips look dainty but are quite secure so you won't have to worry about having your tracks fall out. Noting saying you should go have a pull party now! But these clips are great for temporary looks, for newly processed hair ( because it isn't in the best interest of your hair to braid directly after a perm), and to preserve your weave! When using clips you can care for your natural hair at night and be a long haired diva in the morning and feel confident about the hair under it all. With clip the world is your oyster.Women of all hair colors and textures can use clips. So ladies get creative and LOVE THY HAIR!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love It!

Aside from the fact that I am a big Keri fan, I got goose bumps when I saw this style on her! It frames her face perfectly.. Go ahead Keri Knock them dead!

Recssion Special Weave!

For my birthday last month I wanted a temporary style to last me about two weeks, but I wanted the hair long. I truly didn't want to spend over $100.00 to buy hair so I walked into the store and asked the clerk " hey what's the best cheap brand of hair you have?", she hesitated bypassing the Remy, and all the regularly priced hair went wayyyy behind the counter into no mans land and handed me a pack of Kima by Harlem125 hair. Just off of looks I knew this hair was going to be a great buy. I ran my fingers through it and I DIED! It is very soft and it doesn't have a synthetic look to it at all!! I used the hair and its is still manageable as ever. I am going on week five with it. This hair is safe to wash and doesn't tangle at all. For a pack of 16 inch hair I paid $22.50. I assure you I will be purchasing this hair again at 18 inches which is a mere $27.50 .. I say Oh Yes To This Tress!!

The Rat Tail Comb ...

Many women of color use a "Rat Tail Comb" to untangle or comb through their hair. But what we are actually doing is breaking off multiple strands of hair with each stroke. This applies to relaxed hair too. But hair in its unprocessed natural form should never see a rat tail comb, because our natural hair has such a tight coil, that the coil get stuck in the combs teeth and snaps off as we run the comb through our hair. Big wide tooth combs are the move. I do stress the use of bigger combs to ladies that perm, because your hair is already in a fragile state and you shouldn't put anymore stress on it especially if you need a touch up. But sister girl if you want to be rough and tough with your afro puff pick up a wide tooth comb. *** After I put the rat tail comb on blast I must say that they are good for parting and styling hair once it is detangled!***

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lip Bitter!

Many people talk smack about Cassie and her what I would like to call her TwoFace buzz cut. But I love it and feel many are jealous that she can pull it off. Cassie rocks this look with style and grace. Cassie and her stylist certainly knew how far to push her hair limits to achieve a bang on style idea. Love it.

Hair Crime

I was watching the VMA's Last night and I still don't get why this girl did this to her hair. As my commandments state not every style suits all. Girl if you wanted to start over with pride.. Do it in style as well. I do agree with a woman being proud of what God has given her. But if you butcher God's gift ...your receive a HAIR FAIL.. I AM TIRED OF SEEING YOUR BALDY.. Solange please consult Beyonce's stylist. Love Thy Hair Not Butcher It!

Don't Want The Burn Of A Relaxer Check This Out!

Last week I had a discussion with a potential client. Like I always do I asked her to tell me about her hair, and what state its in from her prospective. She was quite honest in saying she really didn't take care of her hair and dreaded a perm because her scalp was so fragile. She went on to saying she hardly permed her hair because she would 10 times out of 10 be screaming in her beauticians chair. Aside from issue 1 her complaints were dry itchy scalp, tenderness, and dry brittle hair. So I went on a product hunt!! There are many gentle relaxers, but in my personal opinion I think relaxers aren't for every ethic woman no matter how coarse the hair. Some scalps just cannot take it. Upon my research I feel into this wonderful product called Diva Smooth. I have heard buzzing about this product through the hair care world for a little while but never gave it a real hard look. But this product is phenomenal, it is an all natural relaxer... I REPEAT ALL NATURAL RELAXER NO CHEMICAL PROCESSING WHAT SO EVER! The product is a bit pricey at 25 dollars a bottle.. which depending on the size of your head is a one time application. They have many other products that compliment the straightener, and my advice get it all! THIS PRODUCT ALLOWS YOU TO LOVE ...THY.. HAIR. It has been a while since a product has gotten me this excited! Check out the site where this product can be purchased. Please copy and paste into your browser my link applicator is acting up!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Product Of The Day

I adore this ceramic flat iron. Not only does it give my hair a nice smooth finish without that "baked after smell", IT IS SO DARN CUTE. Most flat irons go all the way up to 400 degrees this one only goes up to 200 but the funny thing is it gets really really hot! All in all I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.. and it helps me to Love Thy Hair ..

Hair Neglect!

Ladies this is what I speak of when I talk about hair neglect. During my daily MTO ritual I stumbled upon a picture of Sherri Sheppard pulling off her wig during an episode of the view, only to reveal a neglected tress! She and her stylist need to be placed into Crime Stopper's Jail! Sherri's hair has been over processed hence what is seeming like the beginning of a bald spot smh! Wigs and weaves are supposed to protect your hair not encourage the neglect. Get it together honey. Love Thy Hair...

Love IT!

Tyra Mail!

Dear Tyra,
I have a few questions for you. Why must you chemically alter some of these girls to their extreme for the sake of fashion? Don't you think you'd be making more of a statement if you didn't strip some of these girls of their healthy hair? Every season someone goes "ICE BLOND" is that really necessary? But I guess after all those years of modeling you still have that kill the competition mentality and secretly want these ladies to go bald.

Almost all the girls who Tyra has dyed blond have gone back to their original color. Hair bleaching even on the strongest of hair is just a bad idea unless your hair is blond itself (even then I wouldn't suggest it). Just think of it like this, what happens if you put too much bleach on a dark colored shirt? Eventually the bleached area will develop a hole. Bleaching totally strips your hair down to its weakest state. Bleach works best on natural unprocessed hair, if you intend on not using heat products, staying out of the sun, and not going swimming in salt or chlorine water go for it. **Bleach actually works better for maintained short styles, because the fried hair is cut off on consistent basis.

So the lesson is if you don't have a short style beware of the bleach and ladies always... Love Thy Hair.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

America's Next Top Model Cast For Cycle 13

I have seen vicious Hair Crime's Committed tonight. I will have a full run down of the do's and do not's, as well as a Dear Tyra letter. Tyra is a hair butcher.

Love IT!

This style is fairly easy to create and provides a very sassy alternative to the traditional ponytail. If you want this look I can surely duplicate it, just shoot me an email ;-).. Love Thy Hair

Product Of The Day

I know many of you girls walk past the Blonde ambition, the Bead Head and the Loreal products. But next time you are at your local drug store look for John Frieda's Straight Ahead. My hair is relaxed therefore this cream is right for me or anyone else looking to attain a sleek and manageable look.I use this product religiously. When used in moderation it hydrates your hair with out the build up of grease. It is also effective in conjunction with setting lotion for those looking for a new twist when getting a wash and set. So pick up a bottle and.. Love Thy Hair!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Misconception of Hair Glue

Many girls say that hair bond "eats away" at their hair when it's really in how you care your style. There are many products on the market including shampoos and conditioners that aid in the removal process. After many trails I have found the perfect product for bond removal. Its called Salon Pro 30 Second Bond Remover. When applied above and below the track just sit and wait for about a minute or so, though it says 30 seconds I find it more effective to leave it on a bit longer so that the product can dissolve the glue. Its fast, its effective, and its safe for your hair; especially since the main ingredient is mineral oil! Love thy hair ladies.. Love thy hair.

Hair Commandments

Some Of My Hair Commandments

Though shall not over process thy hair (ladies please wait 6-8 weeks for a perm)

Though shall not rip out glued in tracks (Bond remover exists)

Though shall not dye processed hair to its extreme ( for it will break off)

Though shall moisturize at least every other day

Though shall deep condition every two to three weeks

Though shall find a weave color that matches your hair

Though shall know thy hair limits ( or find a beautician that does)

Though shall not covet an unrealistic style ( not everything suits all)

Though shall Love thy hair no matter what texture

Though shall know your real hair comes first

Example: Not Every Style Suits All